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International Medical Group (IMG)

Broker products to meet your diverse client needs.




A. M. Best

These products cover a variety of needs associated with traveling and living abroad. They include both short and long-term coverage for groups and individuals. In a group setting, these products are often used to cover employees residing outside of the U.S. or foreign employees working in the U.S. Individual products may be purchased by those looking for coverage while traveling for business or vacationing outside of the U.S.

Both types of coverage can provide benefits such as emergency evacuation and reunion, assistance with language and currency exchange, as well as other services that a domestic carrier would have difficulty providing.

Trip cancellation insurance is also available.

International Medical Group, Inc. (IMG) is a worldwide leader in designing, distributing, and administering global healthcare benefits. Since 1990, IMG has provided medical security to thousands of individuals and families in more than 150 countries. These products are underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation – rated A (excellent) by A.M. Best.

Because IMG focuses on the international market, they have the unique ability to offer services that many domestic plans cannot provide. These include:

  • Worldwide claims adjusters, handling most languages and currencies
  • Multilingual claim adjusters and customer service representatives 
  • On-site physicians and registered nurses, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week 
  •  A European service center providing local marketing, administration, and emergency medical assistance 

IMG presents a full-service approach to the international community. Clients include international vacationers, business executives and consultants, expatriates, traveling professionals, and local and third country nationals. The IMG portfolio includes a variety of plans covering many needs:

  • Short-term and long-term worldwide medical coverage for individuals and groups
  • Medical coverage in the U.S. for non-Americans and non-Permanent Residents  

The first step to selling with IMG is to complete the Producer Sign-Up.

After registering, you will be assigned an online sales link to enroll clients. Make use of it. Online registrations are the most popular channel for sales. 

For further product support, contact Jon Weigel at 1-866-368-3724 x 1732, study them at www.imglobal.com, or contact your Sales Representative. 

International Medical Group is underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation .

Additional Medical & Non-Medical Products

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