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NortonLifeLock is a global leader in consumer Cyber Safety. We believe the digital world is only truly empowering when people are confident in their online security. For more than four decades, our experience in cybersecurity and identity theft protection lets us help people live their digital lives safely.

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Our Vision is to protect and empower people to live their digital lives safely.

Our Mission is to build a comprehensive and easy-to-use integrated portfolio that prevents, detects, and responds to cyberthreats and cybercrimes in today’s digital world.

We are inspired by the people we help protect.

Our technology is powered by a team of experienced experts dedicated to staying a step ahead of what’s next. Above all, we are inspired by the people we help protect. Our vast portfolio of products and services are developed from consumer insights creating real solutions to real problems.

The NortonLifeLock Advantage

Everyday things like online shopping, banking and even browsing can expose your employees’ personal information and make them more vulnerable to cybercriminals. Since cybercrime has evolved, we’ve evolved, too. LifeLock, a leader in identity theft protection and Norton, a pioneer in consumer cybersecurity, are now one company.

Our innovative employee benefit plans will help protect an employee’s identity, personal information and connected devices against the myriad of threats they may face in their digitally-connected homes, workplaces and when using public Wi-Fi.

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