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HSAs are based on a simple idea: increase a client’s deductible, save the difference in premium in a tax-free account, and let the client use the account to pay their healthcare expenses or else save for the future. It is believed that clients will start taking more responsibility for the budgeting and decision-making of their healthcare.

Selling an HSA involves two important components:

  • A government-qualified “High Deductible Health Plan”, and
  • An account for saving the tax-free funds 

When you sell an HSA-qualified medical policy, your client has the option of what Administrator they use to coordinate the pre-tax funds. You are able to direct all of your clients to Sterling HSA, rather than just letting them sign up with whichever company the carrier refers them to. This way you lower your client challenges because you can ensure that they will be well taken care of.  Also, when your client has questions or needs something investigated, you have a single Administrator to call upon. 

Plus, you make commissions on almost all of Sterling HSA’s different products.

Sterling HSA is a recognized leader in HSA Administration, offering high touch customer service. We are a national, independent, privately held company that only does one thing: superior administration of HSA services. Our team has deep experience and expertise in healthcare and banking.

Services include:

  • Review and payment of medical bills
  • Ability to self-direct your investments
  • Recordkeeping of receipts for IRS audit purposes
  • Online capability to transact business (deposits and disbursements) and view account activity at any time
  • Nation-wide capability to support any health insurance plan you choose, anywhere in the nation.
  • Ability to support individuals and businesses (from small to very large companies)

As a partner to Brokers, Sterling HSA makes it easy for to sell and service client accounts. The Sterling HSAadvantage allows you to:

  • Earn Commissions: Sterling HSA pays broker commissions on new and renewing business. We pay commissions on a quarterly basis.
  • Learn About HSAs: Sterling educates brokers and consultants through CE classes held in various venues, in-person meetings and via telephone.
  • Develop New Business: As clients of all sizes ask for HDHP and HSA options, be the broker or consultant knowledgeable about the HSA industry. Sterling supports you in the proposal stage, group implementation and renewal.
  • Improve Existing Business: Grow and retain your existing business by offering the HDHP and HSA option. The savings can be substantial as well as the lower renewal increases for your groups.
  • Remain Competitive: With the rising interest in HSAs, the ability to offer this product and expert administrative services from Sterling HSA is vital to serving a full range of client needs.

For more information, call 800-617-4729 or see

Choose from three service packages. There is a onetime $35.00 account set up fee for hard copy processing and a $28.00 account set up fee for on-line electronic processing for both the Standard and Value Plan.

  • The Sterling Standard Plan – This "all inclusive plan" offers the most comprehensive array of services for a low fixed monthly fee. The Sterling Standard Plan includes the review of insurance company Explanation of Benefits and payment of bills to health care providers. With this plan our account holders maximize their level of service for the low monthly fee of $8.75 per account. See our Service and Fees document for further information.
  • The Sterling Value Plan – This "a la carte plan" is ideal for the account holder who prefers to use his/her HSA account largely as a tax advantaged savings vehicle and who will rarely pay medical bills from the account. This plan includes the review of insurance company Explanation of Benefits and payment of bills to health care providers but some services carry additional fees. See our Service and Fees document for further information. The Sterling Value Plan costs only $2.50 per month plus additional fees on a per service basis (if applicable).
  • The Sterling eSavings Plan – This is a plan for individuals who wish to self-serve on the internet. This means that everything you need to do to open and manage your account can be done in the comfort of your home or office! Features include online enrollment, contributions to your account any time you wish online, and distributions from your account online at your convenience writing yourself an e-Check! The accounts cost only $15.00 to set-up and $2.50 per month. Currently available for individual accounts only - no Employer group contracts please.  

The first step to selling with Sterling HSA is to complete the Broker Agreement.

Study the Online Enrollment brochure for explanation of the enrollment options.

For further sales & product support, contact your local Sterling HSA Team.

For access to these and other materials, visit BenefitMall’s Carrier Information Library within your Broker Workspace, or contact your Sales Representative.

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