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It’s time for a less costly, more compassionate health plan.

Vitori is a Modern Health Plan with a Remarkable Member Experience Built on Next-generation Technology and Payment Practices.

Vitori Health offers a nationwide modern health plan with an 80+ Net Promoter score member experience. Built on next-generation technology and payment fin-tech, plan sponsors realize 30% savings and can provide better benefits at a lower cost. Our seamless, all-inclusive platform includes medical and pharmacy benefits administration, preferred contracting, and concierge member support under one convenient umbrella with a single unique phone number for each client.

And Vitori offers an unmatched $1M claim savings guarantee.

In addition to Vitori’s core product offering, our industry-first VANTAGE 3-year Level Funded product provides 36 months of renewal-free cash-flow stability for plan sponsors and their employees.

Our seamless, all-inclusive platform includes:

• Concierge Member Support and Advocacy

• Medical Claims Administration

• Pharmacy Benefits

• Preferred Contracting

• No-cost member benefits

Results and Features:

• 30% savings

• 80+ net promoter scores

• Single, client-specific phone number for all member needs

• Maximal provider access

• Network and open access plans

• Waived and reduced member costs for high-cost drugs, surgeries, mental & physical telemedicine

• Less surprise billing than legacy insurance carrier and RBP plans

• Members never liable for balance billing

• Unmatched $1M savings guarantee

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