Electronic onboarding is quickly catching on as the preferred strategy for bringing new hires on board. Once you understand why, we suspect your clients will consider going electronic as well.

For the record, electronic onboarding is about eliminating all of the manual tasks and paperwork involved in the onboarding process. Paperwork and manual labor are inefficient and outdated. Electronic onboarding is a new and better way of doing things.

Here are five advantages of electronic onboarding:

1. Fewer Data Errors

Data errors are commonplace in onboarding systems that still rely on manual data entry. Electronic onboarding reduces those errors by simultaneously eliminating redundant data entry tasks. Data is entered once, at the time of application. It is verified by new hires at the start of the onboarding process, then carried seamlessly through the system for population wherever it is required

2. Reduced Costs

Electronic onboarding reduces costs in a number of ways. First is the cost of printing and storing paper documents. Get rid of the paper and you cut the onboarding bill dramatically. Next is the process of going through paper documents for the purposes of sorting and storing them. Because electronic onboarding does everything in a computer software environment, labor-intensive tasks are streamlined or completely eliminated.

Finally, electronic documents can be transferred via e-mail or other electronic means. This eliminates the need for stamps, envelopes, and the manual labor involved with sending documents by snail mail. Mail room costs go down as a result.

3. Automated Communication

Electronic onboarding facilitates automated communication with new hires. Computer software notifies new hires to inform them of what is required to prepare for their first day at work. It allows new hires to communicate with HR without having to pick up the phone and make a call. Best of all, communications are kept safe and secure in a protected cloud environment.

4. Faster Onboarding

Next, the automation and streamlined efficiency of electronic onboarding speeds up the entire process. Response times between new hires and managers is reduced because neither party is delayed waiting for the other to respond. Questions are answered, decisions are made, and the process is completed – all more quickly than ever before.

5. Cloud Storage of Employee Data

Finally, all of the data gathered during the onboarding process is stored securely in the cloud. That means no more paper documents to keep track of. Data is secure in the cloud with access given only to those with designated permissions. Data can also be shared among multiple departments as needed.

BenefitMall is a firm believer in electronic onboarding. That is why we introduced TalentFocus. If your company is not yet handling onboarding electronically, now is the time to consider making the jump. We invite you to take a serious look at our TalentFocus solution.

Payroll and HR is evolving. It is moving to the cloud where it is eliminating mounds of paperwork and laborious manual tasks. TalentFocus is among a set of emerging tools we are now offering to your clients as they move their HR and payroll away from legacy systems and into the cloud.

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