LinkedIn’s 2020 Workplace Learning Report was just released, and the results are eye-opening for HR professionals. The good news for those involved in learning and talent development is 87% of L&D professionals say CEO buy-in was not a challenge. However, according to the survey, “It’s one thing to buy into a strategy and quite another to champion it across the organization.” The results speak for themselves: 27% say their CEOs are active champions of learning, even though CEOs spend 20% more time learning soft skills than their employees. LinkedIn says the answer to gaining c-suite engagement is getting them involved in creating and delivering the content. “If your CEO teaches a course on leadership, your employees will be inspired to take that course because of proximity and relevancy,” LinkedIn reported. “Your CEO is known to every employee and the CEO’s leadership advice is relevant to the employees’ career advancement.” The survey goes on to break down executive support and involvement across organizations of different sizes. It is clear to see that companies that invest in learning and engage their leaders will have an edge as we head into the new decade. Other key takeaways from this study include:

For its global study, LinkedIn surveyed 1,675 L&D and HR professionals with budget influence at organizations with more than 200 employees; 2,000 learners at organizations that provide online learning to employees; and 2,932 managers at companies that provided online learning solutions to their organizations.

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