New Benefits Topics to Discuss with Clients in 2021

February 4, 2021

One of the keys to keeping your clients engaged is making regular contact. But with every contact, you need something to discuss. Individual, small, and large group clients have a lot going on right now. If you can come up with some great topics for discussion, you might be able to uncover previously unmet needs along with opportunities for benefit expansion.

What should you be discussing with clients this year? The list of topics is as varied as your client groups. That notwithstanding, we suggest considering a number of topics with broad appeal to groups of all sizes. Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

1. The Importance of Mental Health

We were talking about the emerging trend of mental health benefits as early as last January. Unfortunately, the mental and emotional impacts of coronavirus have pushed that discussion to the forefront. It is clear that employees want more access to mental health services. Employers capable of providing that access will add value by doing so. You might do well to discuss the importance of mental health and how it can be enhanced with the right kinds of benefits.

2. Health Plans and Coronavirus Coverage

It goes without saying that coronavirus will continue to be on our minds throughout 2021. This is an excellent topic to discuss in relation to what health plans are covering. All of your carriers approach coronavirus coverage differently, so be sure to familiarize yourself before introducing the topic for discussion. Make sure you are well informed about everything from testing to treatment. Your clients will want detailed answers.

3. Supplemental Health Insurance

As a broker, you know supplemental health insurance products can fill in the gaps left by traditional insurance plans. Whether it be critical-care cover or income protection, supplemental insurance coverage is more important than ever. Employees suddenly concerned with how they will make ends meet in the event of a serious illness are looking for options. That means your groups are as well. This is definitely a topic with legs.

4. Retirement Plan Reviews

Some of your clients already have retirement plans in place. Those plans are likely to be impacted in the coming year by everything from coronavirus to the economy. Now might be a good time to offer a retirement plan review. There may be scenarios in which you could provide some of your groups with better packages. And of course, now is the time to introduce retirement benefits to clients not yet utilizing them.

5. Worker's Comp Options

Now is also a good time to discuss worker's compensation insurance options. The worker's comp environment is likely to change as states seriously consider whether or not to add COVID-19 to the list of work-related injuries and illnesses insurance must cover. It is quite possible that many of your clients are nervous about their current coverage. A discussion about how to best protect them is certainly in order.

6. The Future of Health Coverage

Finally, there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss the future of health coverage with a new administration in the White House. It may take a little while to figure out the new administration's direction, but it should become apparent soon enough. Be prepared to start discussing options with your clients as a clearer picture emerges.

Finding the right topics to discuss with your clients can keep them engaged and open the door to more business this year. Your best bet is to remain cognizant of each client's needs. Address what they need and you will have plenty of things to talk about.

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