Out Now: The Latest Data on Payroll Salaries and the Profession

December 6, 2019

The American Payroll Association has just released its 2019 Survey of Salaries and The Payroll Profession, which offers a comprehensive inside look at payroll departments across the U.S.

The survey polled thousands of APA-member payroll professionals from across the country on topics ranging from staffing and salaries to payment practices, payroll processes and functions, and more.

Brandy Gaskins, Assistant Manager of Public Relations for the American Payroll Association, noted a few surprising facts revealed by this year’s survey:

The detailed survey results are easy to read and simple to reference, with results cross-tabulated by Forms W-2, as well as by geographic region. This valuable resource includes insights on:

APA members can download a copy of the survey e-book now at no cost

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