The Right Tools Make for Fast and Effective Hiring

June 21, 2019

Stiff competition in the hiring arena means companies cannot waste time on ineffective hiring practices that take too long to put the right hires in place. Hiring in 2019 needs to be as streamlined as possible without sacrificing the goal of getting it right. So how do your clients do it? They start with the right hiring strategy and combine it with the right tools. Technology tools are making hiring more streamlined than ever before. We recommend the following tools, complemented by an effective recruiting strategy that makes applicant quality a priority over mere education and certification:

Employment Tracking System

Also known as an applicant tracking system (ATS), an employment tracking system is a computerized system for prescreening and funneling job applicants. It includes a number of different modules. All of the remaining tools in this list can be part of an ATS – either built-in from the ground up or added as extra modules later on. The beauty of an employment tracking system is that it streamlines recruiting and hiring for every job in your company. The software easily narrows lists of candidates to the specific opening, yet keeps track of all the other candidates who do not qualify for the current opening. When the next job comes up, the system goes back and looks at those applicants. A key component in employment tracking systems is automation. By setting up parameters in just the right way, the system can narrow a potentially large field of candidates to the top five or so. This saves a lot of time and gets employers in touch with the best candidates as quickly as possible.

Employment Chat Bot

The Employment Chat Bot came onto the scene a little over a year ago and has since become an integral part of hiring. A chat bot engages potential hires online with natural language processing that can act as a prescreening tool. Chat bots can be set up to answer FAQs, provide details of the job in question, ask targeted questions for which a company needs answers, and so forth.

Artificial Intelligence

The best of today's employment tracking systems employ artificial intelligence (AI) in order to remove unconscious bias. AI does not consider things like employee demographics. It is not concerned with age, sex, ethnicity, or anything else not pertaining to the actual job. It concentrates on criteria only appropriate to the job at hand. Of course, AI is programmed to be consciously biased for obvious reasons. Software will be biased against employees who do not have the right education or skills. But it is not conscious bias that causes problems. It is unconscious bias.

Targeted Recruiting

Just like SEO experts can target online marketing to specific audiences based on geographic location, interests, demographics, and the like, recruiting can be targeted at specific groups of people. This is done through job boards, social media, and any other outlets an employer chooses to use.

Targeted recruiting sends invitations to apply to those core groups of potential candidates your company sees as being ideal. When combined with AI and prescreening, targeted recruiting is capable of leading the perfect candidates right to the door in short order.

With the labor market tighter than it has been in decades, companies must be aggressive in their hiring processes. They have to find ways to quickly recruit the best possible candidates and get them on board, all without sacrificing quality and integrity. Companies do that by combining a solid recruiting strategy with the latest tools rooted in technology.

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