Small Business Week – Celebrating Our Partners and Clients

May 10, 2019

Happy National Small Business Week to each of our hard-working partners and clients. This week, May 5-11, 2019, we set aside time to celebrate the commitment, loyalty and hard-earned dollar of our small business partners. It is because of you, your employees, and your clients that our country creates jobs, maintains a stable economy, and generated new products and ideas.

Learn more about National Small Business Week including media information, sponsors, events, and state and local information, here.

BenefitMall thanks you for everything you do for your small business. It takes a certain level of dignity, aspiration and valor to kick start a small business endeavor; and it is because of people like you, who attain those characteristics that help small businesses thrive. So again, thank you for all you do for your business, your employees and your country, we appreciate and celebrate you!

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