BenefitMall Introduces Client Ready Quote System to New Markets

April 20, 2020

(DALLAS), April 20, 2020 - BenefitMall, a leading general agency and provider of employee benefits, today introduces its proprietary Client Ready Quote System® (CRQS) to new markets including California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

CRQS is available through Agency Workspace, a BenefitMall technology that provides brokers with instant access to information, cutting-edge tools and resources they need in one centralized location. CRQS provides fast, accurate, client-ready quotes and proposals for multiple lines of coverage, including a multi-carrier search and customizable proposals. After brokers have quoted, they can leverage the quote-to-enroll feature, which syncs quote data in a secure environment to BenefitMall's Online Enrollment system.

"There has never been a better time to introduce a powerful digital tool for brokers," said Bob Love, president of the Benefits Division for BenefitMall. "CRQS paired with the support of our experienced service team will keep brokers ahead of the curve."

With this technology expansion, BenefitMall also introduces an enhanced service model to provide higher levels of support for select brokers. BenefitMall will expand market teams and add account executive positions to each market.

"With the launch of the award-winning CRQS into new markets, BenefitMall has created a full go-to-market digital strategy for brokers nationwide," said Michelle Sheffield, chief information officer for BenefitMall. "By providing next-generation broker services, BenefitMall supports brokers from quoting to employee enrollment through a secure, paperless online, and mobile experience."

By combining BenefitMall's unparalleled service, on-demand support, and cutting-edge technology, brokers have the digital strategy that they need in the changing market. BenefitMall's technology suite of Agency Workspace, CRQS, and Online Enrollment are now available to all BenefitMall brokers nationwide. BenefitMall is providing online training here.

About BenefitMall

Headquartered in Dallas, BenefitMall partners with a network of 20,000 Brokers and CPAs to deliver employee benefits and payroll services to more than 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses. By combining payroll and benefits, BenefitMall empowers Trusted Advisors to develop the best employee programs while maintaining compliance with government regulations and Health Care Reform.

BenefitMall, the largest national General Agency merged with the second-largest privately held payroll company, CompuPay. BenefitMall also operates, the leading online community for information regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. More information is available at  

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