BenefitMall Launches Integration with Horizon Health Services Inc., New Jersey's largest health insurance provider

April 19, 2021

Horizon Integration makes enrollment fast and efficient through the Online Enrollment platform

BenefitMall, the leading provider of next-generation broker services, today announced the launch of a partnership with Horizon Health Services Inc. (Horizon), New Jersey's largest health insurance provider to integrate Horizon submissions through its Online Enrollment platform. BenefitMall has completed the first integration in New Jersey.

Through this Horizon integration, group applications, employee elections and documents can now be directly submitted online, which allows brokers to enroll businesses to the carrier in a more efficient manner.

"We are thrilled to introduce to our clients the integration of Horizon with our Online Enrollment platform," said Michelle Sheffield, CIO of BenefitMall. "Streamlining processes, reducing paperwork, and eliminating steps between our brokers and carriers is what we strive for every day. With more integrations like this one with Horizon, we can help our clients to better serve their customers and, ultimately, their workforces."

With a direct API connection to Horizon, brokers will enjoy enhanced:

"We always want to provide mutually beneficial solutions for not only our brokers, but our carrier partners as well," said Tiffany Stiller, BenefitMall's vice president of carrier relations. "We are proud to now have a solution to assist Horizon with processing online enrollments more efficiently from the broker community through this Horizon integration."

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