BenefitMall Rolls Out Enhancements to Client Ready Quote System Ahead of Fall Enrollment

October 21, 2021

BenefitMall, the leading provider of next-generation broker services, today announced it has made several updates and enhancements to Client Ready Quote System (CRQS) that will help brokers create more efficiencies during the upcoming fall enrollment season.

"Fall enrollment season is already a time of high stress for employers, employees and brokers alike," said Bob Love, president of the benefits division at BenefitMall. "With so many questions to answer and group enrollments to handle, we want to ensure our quoting system is top notch and able to provide all of the information on various plans in one place so clients can quickly make smart decisions. These enhancements will help save time for our broker partners, allowing them to spend more quality time with their clients this season."

CRQS allows brokers to create benefits quotes and proposals easily and offers leading technology with robust carrier content. CRQS's comprehensive quoting engine along with the application and proposal process is highly efficient and allows for a more personalized, focused relationship.

We are pleased to share that broker can now modify the CRQS generated rates for partially self-funded plans with carriers' underwritten rates by utilizing these new features:

Bulk Editing - update the base rates that are initially displayed for ancillary and partially self-funded plans by editing the rates for multiple plans all in one place

Multi-Option Customization - set up alternate plan offerings to show in proposals by comparing to existing plans and modifying employee participation to showcase different scenarios

With more flexibility, brokers can capture the true premium increases or decreases across plans and show alternate options. Ultimately, providing an easy way for brokers and employer clients to identify which plans and alternate options are right for their needs.

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