Streamline your benefits administration and online enrollment

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Innovative and Personalized

Together, BenefitMall and Ease deliver a comprehensive broker-friendly solution to help streamline benefits administration and online enrollment by combining innovative technology and individualized service tailored to your needs. We are empowering brokers and their clients to go digital for faster enrollment and the ability to manage and improve data quality.



  • Custom reports
  • Employee self-service portal
  • ACA Compliance
  • Marketing Tools
  • Subscription Reimbursement*
  • Integration with Agency Workspace
  • Integration with PayFocus Pro

Specialized Support Team

BenefitMall offers access to a specialized support team who will go above and beyond to ensure you have support throughout the sync setup process and are ready to answer any payroll questions related to the integration. When using both the Employee Navigator and PayFocus Pro products, you can support and retain your book of business by offering this integration at no additional cost. Spend more time concentrating on the success of your business, and leave the syncing to us. Find out how you can benefit directly from Employee Navigator's powerful tools.

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