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HHS Directs Georgia to Revise Previously Approved Health Insurance Waiver

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) directs the state of Georgia to reevaluate the data used to create a waiver that would provide a private alternative to ACA.

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Employer Based Retirement Plans Overhaul Likely, Pending House Approval

On May 5, the House Ways and Means Committee unanimously passed the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021.

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The #1 Reason Employers Are Looking at HSA Contributions

Devenir's 2020 Year-End HSA Market Statistics & Trends report shows that HSA growth remained strong in 2020.

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Employers Offer Vaccine Incentives Under New EOCC Guidelines

There are two options for employers based on who administers the vaccine.

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Broker Compensation Disclosure Insights

A few words about the new broker compensation disclosure law that we published on February 5, 2021.

faster easier trends
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Faster, Easier, More Secure & More Fun — Technology Trends

Insurers that can do this will find more active, engaged, and loyal employees.

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5 Ways Brokers Can Use Social Connections to Generate Leads

Just about every conversation you have can somehow be tied to health insurance, 401(k) plans, etc.

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How To Get the Most Out of Your Agency’s Website

As an insurance agent, one of the best ways to organically generate new business leads is through your agency’s website.

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Broker Compensation Transparency Guidance

While we still await further guidance as to how this will be implemented and additional details as to definitions, dates, and the entities the guidance applies to, we wanted to briefly recap what we already know.

worker classification
article AllPerspectives

CA's AB 5 Further Muddies the Worker Classification Waters

Worker classification has always been somewhat difficult to navigate. Classification criteria established by the IRS is ambiguous at best.

overtime rule
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The Final Overtime Rule's Three Big Changes

The overtime rule essentially determines which white-collar workers can be considered exempt from overtime pay.

sales prospecting
article AllPerspectives

Prospecting and Scouting: Building Your Book as a Broker

Sales professionals often confuse prospecting and scouting new business as being one and the same. They really are not.